Ibanez S521 (bBS-Electric Guitar) Review: Is This The Right Guitar For You?

Welcome to this Ibanez S521 review, where we are going to take a deep look at what this guitar has to offer.

The Ibanez S is one of the newer series that has some quite advanced technology considering the low price point of around $500, or £383. It’s a choice worth considering if you’re looking for a guitar in the medium pricing range with lots of features.

But, we’ll talk more about that later on.

Who Is the Ibanez S521 Guitar For?

Ibanez S521

This guitar is for intermediate to advanced guitar players who are looking for a professional option.

The Ibanez S521 bbS has advanced technology and is made out of extremely strong material which is shown by its heavy weight. The hardware is also simple, but effective.

For this reason, it has outstanding tuning retention which is why it’s also suited well for intermediate and advanced guitar players.

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Ibanez S521 Features & Specs

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Ibanez S521 is quite an advanced electrical guitar. Take a look at some of the features and specs below, and you’ll be able to see this.

Ibanez S521 Features:

-Fingerboard: Rosewood
-Mahogany body
-3 piece maple neck
-Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
-Design: Handle of the Wizard 3
-Pickup Selector: 5-way Toggle Switch
-Fixed Bridge

-Number of strings: 6
-Weight: 6.8 kg
-106.68 x 45.72 x 10.16 cm
-Item model number: S521BBS

How Does the Ibanez S521  Sound?

The Ibanez S521 has a clean sound that you’ll enjoy.

Its tones can also be extremely versatile and dynamic which isn’t that common for guitars in its price range. The sound is also extremely bright which is nice too. Overall, we like the sound of it a lot, as it’s unique and enjoyable.

We found a video from the web that showcases the sound well. Take a look below.

What We Like About the Ibanez S521

This guitar is unique. It’s part of the Ibanez S which is a little bit of an older series, but this one has some quite advanced technology. Below, we’ve outlined what we like most about this special guitar.


First of all, we have the hardware. The Ibanez S521 has a fixed bridge with 6 saddles that are fully adjustable on the first end. On the other, it has some die-cast tuners.

The action set up makes everything easily accessible. Plus, it has outstanding tuning retention too.


This model is extremely well crafted and is so comfortable when you are playing. The body and neck fit your body perfectly combined with the weight.
A lot of the reviewers over on Amazon, also mentioned that they are impressed by how fast they can play it.


We already highlighted earlier how sweet this guitar sounds. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t mention it here again.

It has an amazing clear yet somewhat aggressive sound that can work well for a wide range of genres.


Overall, the Ibanez S521 is a solid guitar.

It’s comfortable, sounds great, and has some advanced features which make it perfect for the players who are intermediate and beyond. The Ibanez series in general often has some great guitars that have similar features as much costlier models. This one is the same.

The sound quality also sounds like a much more expensive guitar, as highlighted by this review.

If you’re ready to pick up this awesome guitar, you can use the link below to check it out.

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