Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB Review: Better Than Expected?

Welcome to our Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB review in which we are going to put this electric guitar to the test.

There are many electric guitars out there that promise to be good budget-friendly options, and this Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB model is one of them.

Let’s take a look to see whether that is true.

Who Is The Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB For?

Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB

As you may have been able to tell by the price (under £200), this model is best suited for beginners.

However, like many other Ibanez models, it can also be a great addition to a more experienced player’s collection. It’s also quite good quality for the price, which makes it an attractive option for intermediate players.

But, overall it is best for beginners.

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Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB Review: Features & Specs

With Chrome hardware, a FAT 6 bridge, and Infinity-R pickups, the Ibanez GRX70QA does not disappoint when it comes to features. This is especially the case when you consider its low price.

Take a look at the specs and the rest of the details below.

-Dimensions – 100 x 40 x 8 cm; 4.5 Kilograms
-Size – Full
-Proficiency Level – Beginner
-Weight 4.5 kg
-Model – GRX70QA-TBB
-Guitar Pickup Configuration – 1 x HB 1 x SC 1 x HB
-Scale Length – 648
-String Gauge Light
-Colour – Transparent Blue Burst
-String Material – Steel
-Neck Material – Maple
-Guitar Bridge System – Tremolo
-Fretboard Material – Pine
-Body Material – Maple
-Number of Strings – 6

As you can see, it’s a pretty solid model. It’s mainly made from high-quality maple and has a tremolo guitar bridge system which is perfect for beginners. It’s also incredibly easy on the hands which is always good, especially for beginners.

The only thing we did notice here is that it’s 4.5kg which may be a tiny bit heavy for a beginner, as the average weight is 3.8kg. That being said, we maybe are just being a little picky here.

What We Like About The Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB

Here are some of the things we like about the Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB:


Overall Value For Money
First of all, we really love the style of this guitar.
It’s available in three different colours on amazon:
Emerald Burst
Red Burst
Transparent Blue Burst

The pattern on the chrome hardware also looks incredibly good. If you like a guitar that has a good visual look too, this is one to consider.


Don’t get us wrong, the sound of this guitar might not be that good compared to much more expensive guitars. However, when you consider the low price of it, the sound is pretty good.

The tone is pretty good, and most of the reviewers on Amazon absolutely love it. If we’d have to guess the pricing point of the sound of this guitar without knowing the price, we’d probably guess it to be around £300.

So, the sound is pretty nice.

Overall Value For Money

Overall, you get a super-stylish guitar that’s comfortable and sounds good for £165… That’s a pretty good deal.

For this reason, we had to put the overall value for money on the list of things that we liked about the guitar. It’s a pretty good guitar that performs well in all aspects, for a low price.

Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB Review: Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed this Ibanez GRX70QA-TBB review. As you have seen throughout it, the guitar does not disappoint.

It offers an affordable option for beginners that looks and sounds good.

If you would like to check it out, you can see more at Amazon here.

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