Fender F100 Classical Guitar Review

The Fender F100 is likely the most suitable acoustic guitar for new guitar players. The brand, Fender, is known to be one of the best guitar brands that produce modified and improved guitars at affordable prices. 

The Fender F100 is one of such productions, it gives off an amazing sound when it is being played and it is suitable for the low-income class. Fender F100 acoustic guitar was modeled mostly for beginners.

Key Features and Specs Of The Fender F100 Classical Guitar

Fender F100 Classical Guitar

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  • A 20-fret Walnut fingerboard.
  • A maple C shaped neck
  • A Hardwood bridge with compensated saddle
  • Fender FA-100 back and sides are made of basswood.
  • A glossy finishings.
  • It has an “X” bracing.
  • A hex adjustable trust.

The exterior part of the acoustic guitar is coated with shiny and clean paint to complement its appearance. 

It has a full-body size that makes it a lot easier to handle, this feature is what makes it even more attractive to older people because it fits properly when held in the arms.

As a result, you do not need to stress your body a lot while playing. With an F100, comfort is guaranteed.

In addition to the satisfaction and comfort derived from playing this guitar, The Fender FA-100 gives off an outstanding and extremely good sound.

Why We Love The Fender F100

  • It is greatly affordable yet of high quality. Not like every other product that uses low-cost as an excuse to reduce the quality of production.
  • It has a very attractive look.
  • Notwithstanding the price, it still comes in a full-body size.
  • It is capable of producing different exciting sounds with a quality that is the same as a professional guitar.
  • Every Fender F100 unlike every other beginner’s guitar has a bracing that further improves the sound quality.
  • The Fender F100 is good equipment for new guitar players to learn with because it possesses beginner-friendly parts.
  • It is packaged with everything to get started, including a gig bag, tuner, strap, strings, picks, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD.

Possible Downsides Of The Fender F100

  • It is not consistent and frequently needs tuning.
  • The fender F100 has high action and needs adjustment.
  • It has a noticeable residual glue spot, which gives it a rough look.
  • They may not be suitable for every professional gig because of inferior sound quality.

Verdict – Should You Buy The Fender F100?

The Fender FA-100 is a beginner-friendly guitar, yet it possesses all the qualities that could make it suitable for professional purposes.

This means that it can be used by beginners and professionals as well, for both recording and live performances. You can buy just the perfect fender with s solid spruce top and braiding at a very affordable price.

The Fender FA-100 guitar is the best choice for anybody who needs to master the tricks of guitar playing, not needing to spend a lot of money purchasing and maintaining the instrument.

Although the visible residual glue spots make it look shabby and sometimes produces a shabby sound effect and tone which limits its use, the fender F100 is still a great pick.