Epiphone DC Pro Review (W)

In this piece, we’ll delve into the Epiphone DC Pro Review. That’s because, for a guitarist, good music means a good guitar.

That is the reason that Epiphone has introduced the DC Pro. This guitar produces great sounds and an even greater feeling. Yet, it costs very little. 

Key Features and Specification of the Epiphone DC Pro

Epiphone DC pro Review (W)

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  • A Mahogany body
  • A Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • A custom “C” neck shape
  • A two-way adjustable Truss Rod
  • A glued-in neck joint
  • Epiphone ProBucker-3, 4-Wire
  • Epiphone ProBucker-2, 4-Wire
  • A 43mm Graph Tech Nut
  • A length of 24.75”
  • 24 medium jumbo frets


  • Bridge Tone
  • Neck Tone Control with push-pull
  • The Epiphone all-metal 3-way pickup selector
  • Neck and Bridge Pickup Volume w/push-pull coil-splitting and treble bleed circuit.

By every indication, the Epiphone DC Pro is a newer version of the older Del Rey model. Just like it’s an older version, it has a double-cutaway, 24-fret design. However, this remodeled newer version has a more classical setting and Console.

It is a 24-fret neck guitar with extra upper-fret access. Its double-cutaway design is particularly helpful for arriving at 23rd and 24th frets while playing a solo.

This additional frets further improves the guitar sound. In comparison to a 22-fret guitar, the Epiphone DC pro has a longer fingerboard with a slightly shifted neck humbucker.

This shifted neck humbucker causes an alteration of sound especially in the neck and middle position. The Epiphone DC is built with 3 humbuckers and a ProBucker 2, which is also an Epiphone product.

It offers a coil-splitting feature. With this feature, it is possible to separate any of the humbuckers to produce a single-coil-like sound.

This increases the number of sounds the guitar can produce. Additionally, the DC Pro’s treble bleed circuit makes it possible for you to sustain a clear tone. Especially when you want to reduce the volume of the guitar.

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What we love about the Epiphone DC Pro

  • It is very affordable
  • It is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficiency.
  • It produces a decent sound, as long as the action is high enough.
  • It has a beautiful classical look.
  • It has a flexible pickup. Therefore it is ideal for producing a wide variety of sounds ranging from blues, jazz to rock.
  • Its belly shaped body and custom “C” neck helps to ensure a firm grip while playing.

Some Not-So-Great Aspects

  • The neck is a bit too strong and might be unsuitable for players who are already used to necks with a slim profile.
  • It doesn’t have a designated case
  • Action isn’t set high enough and therefore has a reduced sound quality.

Verdict- Should I buy this product?

The Epiphone DC Pro isn’t so popular among guitarists and is sometimes considered inferior. This notwithstanding, I still think it is a good pick for a product of that price range. It plays fine with the right settings and pickup.

If you are a beginner who is still tasting the water, this guitar might be all you need. It is also suitable for professionals who are on a  low budget.

Whichever way, this product is a good choice. you might just have to spend a little more on setting it up.