Best Travel Acouctic Guitar Of 2020 : Reviews & Guide

Are you here because you want to see a review of the best travel acoustic guitar products? Well, hang on.

The truth is, with the world’s advancement and the improvements that go on with technology, one needs to move quickly at the same place to avoid being left out.

One of such technological improvements is the travel acoustic guitar. Musicians and guitarists who are used to traveling can’t be any happier with this.

Travel acoustics guitars help guitarists to keep up with their passion and hobby even when they are miles apart from their home.

However, a lot of questions such as how do I know the best guitar to go for? How do I differentiate between the travel acoustic guitars? We will discuss that below.

Best Travel Acoustic Guitar Reviews

1. AKLOT Classical Acoustic Guitar


AKLOT Classical Acoustic Guitar


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Every guitarist, especially beginners and rookies, needs the Aklot classical acoustic guitar in their life.

This is simply because this guitar is one that helps you control and everts the chords better than you expected. Also, it comes with classical guitar strings that are so comfortable to use.

Aklot classical acoustic guitar is made from mahogany material. This material is what keeps the sounds matched with the classical strings as well as keeps them warm at all times.

To be able to have a better conversion of sounds into more beautiful sounds, the folk guitar neck present in this guitar will help you achieve that.

It comes in a 3/ 4 size. This, for me, is a very portable size that will perfectly allow the guitarist to carry it about without having the feeling of uncomfortability.

It’s a very perfect one for travel and adventures.

From clear observations, AKLOT classical guitar tends to possess the bodily structure and appearance of a folk guitar.

But, when you tend to concentrate more on the sounds, you will clearly perceive the classical beats that pull out of the strings. So, I’m clear terms, this guitar combines the look of a folk guitar to produce better classical sounds

AKLOT classical acoustic guitar is a travel acoustic guitar that has a 36 inches body size. It also comes with classical strings that should be among every guitarist travel kit.


  • It’s portable
  • Supports warm sounds through the mahogany body structure.
  • Produces quality sounds.


  • It’s fragile which makes it prone to crack.

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2. Tanglewood TW2 T Travel Acoustic Guitar – Natural

Tanglewood TW2 T Travel Acoustic Guitar - Natural


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Tanglewood travel acoustics guitar was made from the winter leaf series. A lot of love and car6 was exhausted in a bid to make sure that the tangle Tanglewood TW2 T Travel Acoustic Guitar becomes what it was meant to be.

Every guitarist who adopts this piece for their travel moments is guaranteed a great guitar time because the Tanglewood TW2 T Travel Acoustic Guitar – Natural is known for popping out an all-round better sound from its strings.

The Tanglewood TW2 T Travel Acoustic Guitar – Natural comes with a mahogany body structure which helps to enhance the tone and pitch of the sounds. This goes further to ensure that only great sounds are emitted from the strings.

Also, the mahogany neck of this acoustic guitar will enable consistency of sounds from the moment you begin playing, to the time you stop.

It has a comfortable travel size shape, a standard mahogany back, and natural satin finish. All these and more ensure that you get back the value of every penny spent on acquiring this travel acoustic guitar.


  • Great sound
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • No cons

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3. Vangoa Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 2 Band EQ

Vangoa Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 2 Band EQ


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Vangoa Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 2 Band EQ is part of the vangoa brand that first got its establishment in 2017.

The vangoa acoustic guitar was designed for anyone and everyone who aims to express themselves or take their music higher.

Ever wanted to own a travel acoustic guitar that helps to inspire your drive and passion to produce more beautiful sounds? The Vangoa Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 2 Band EQ will help you achieve just that and even guarantees you a great music time while you’re on the go.

Through it’s 3/ 4 body size that is made of Sapele back, and sides, AAA spruce top, and high-quality strings, one can guess correctly that this acoustic guitar is out to serve as a very portable and lightweight musical instrument.

These will also make sure that you don’t face any trouble during travel because it’s perfectly okay for outdoor performances.

It has an adjustable string height which allows you to pull the string to any height you want it. This is great during performances as you are able to play fluently from any angle you want.

If you are one who’s known for pulling strings on stage, I guess the Vangoa Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 2 Band EQ which comes with knobbs through which you can control volumes are perfect for you.

It also has an in-built pick-up system that enables the guitar to get connected to an amplifier. For every on-stage performer, this is like a dream come true.

Vangoa Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 2 Band EQ comes with a built-in tuner that helps you to play and keep the guitar tune in place at all times.

Every beginner or someone who drives inspiration from songs will absolutely love this piece.

In addition to its numerous qualities, the guitar often comes with a 2 years warranty, a connecting cable, and a thick gig bag.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Portable


  • Rough fretboard

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4. 3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack – Sunburst

3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack - Sunburst


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3rd avenue is known for offering the music industry with so many irresistible choices of musical instruments.

This time around, it came with a very big bang called 3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack – Sunburst.

For beginners, students, or anyone who would want to toll the acoustic guitar path, the 3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack – Sunburst is for you.

This is because all sorts of inputs that went in during the production of this travel guitar were done bearing a particular set of people in mind.

It’s also an affordable piece for music that won’t have you spending an arm and a leg. I’m acquiring one, especially as a beginner.

A beginner will definitely get a hang of this guitar faster because it contains fitted nylon strings. The duty of the fittest nylon strings is to make sure that the strings don’t have to be at a distance from the fretboard.

3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack – Sunburst is a travel acoustic guitar that comes bearing a good intonation.

This will allow the tune and sound of your guitar to remain in place regardless of the point you are in on the fretboard.

This piece Is very suitable for everyone who falls between the ages of 7- 11 years who are interested in learning an acoustic guitar.

Adults are very much welcomed to use it too.

The wonderful features of the 3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack – Sunburst outs it out as a very reliable one as it comes through for the beginner guitarist anywhere and anytime.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Children are allowed to use it.
  • It’s very affordable


  • Gives off bad sounds sometimes.

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5. JJ PRIME – Blue 3/4 Acoustic Guitar, 38″

JJ PRIME - Blue 3 - 4 Acoustic Guitar, 38


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Are you one who wants to own a right-handed acoustic guitar? JJ PRIME – Blue 3/4 Acoustic Guitar, 38″ is one acoustic that can give you that.

This trip is very perfect for beginners, young, and adult guitarists.

It’s known for producing very clear and comprehensible sounds from its strings. The 38 inches/ 96 cm size of this guitar makes it a Very portable one that fits all kinds of travel moments. They also make a great gift for a worthy guitarist.


  • Great gift item
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Might prove difficult to tune.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are travel guitars easier to play?

A: Because of the size of travel guitars, you are able to travel around with them. This only means that you can easily play them because they are very small/ portable and can be handled at any point in time.

Q: Are travel guitars any good?

A: Yes, Travel guitars are very good. This is owing to the fact that a good guitarist is allowed to have the fun and great guitar time they want from anywhere and anytime without minding the environment and circumstances surrounding it. This can, of course, be achieved through the portability and handiness of these travel guitars.

Q: What is a travel acoustic guitar?

A: Travel guitars can be described as very small or portable guitars that possess a full length and other times, a nearly full-scale length. Basically, they are guitars that are suitable for carrying around at will.

Q: What are the easiest guitars to play?

A: Electric guitars are very easy to play. This is because they come with smaller strings which are often easy to press down.


Every guitarist should be allowed to experience the fun and easier life that comes with owning a travel guitar. This is a review of the best travel acoustic guitar. We hope this helps you make a good pick.