Best Places To Buy Vintage Guitars In London

London, which is a great city, has numerous guitar shops. These guitar shops are really amazing and exciting. But the question is, where are the best places to buy credible vintage guitars. Let’s take a look below.

Hank’s Guitar Shop

Hank’s Guitar Shop is located at 27 Denmark St.

Denmark Street in London has exceptional guitar shops and Hanks Guitar Shop is no exception. Hanks Guitar Shop is really exceptional owing to the fact that, since 1985 when they came into the business, they have acquired numerous selections of guitars and basses and are known for their proficiency in vintage guitars.

Did you know, professional musicians such as The Rolling Stones, U2, Coldplay, and the likes shop regularly at Hanks Guitar Shop? Buy an instrument with them any time and be sure to receive professional guidance.

Wunjo Guitars

This shop is located at 126 Charing Cross Road

You will find a tremendous selection of modern, used, and vintage guitars in Wunjo Guitars. In addition to acoustic guitars, keyboards, and synths they stock, extraordinary instruments such as banjos and banjalelelins are readily available, of which you will find really Intriguing if you love to explore. 

They have outstanding customer service as a result of the knowledgeable staff working there, so you can stop by to explore this incredible store.

NO. TOM Vintage & Classic Guitars

Located 6 Denmark Street, London 

No. Tom Guitars are known for stocking up vintage and rare instruments. They are established in the heart of “Tin Pan Alley”, and they have a vast collection of vintage, as well as classic instruments, ranging from beginner’s instrument to investment grade. 

You will find instruments such as Martin, harmony, guild, Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, and the like for any budget. Also pickups, new and second-hand effects pedals, strings, and slide straps. You can also get these online.

Guitar Village

Located at 80-82 West Street, Farnham, Surrey

For over 30 years, Guitar Village has been supporting guitar players all over the world including the United Kingdom, from amateur to popular stars, locating the best guitars. 

A new gallery named “Vintage Guitar Gallery” has been opened in order to give their customers the best and more opportunities to explore. The gallery is closed only 4 days a year affording their customers every opportunity to shop whenever.

London Vintage Guitars

London Vintage Guitars has a database of over 10,000 foreign customers, and this offers them the opportunity to purchase the guitar or amplifier their customers desire.

They are one of the top dealers of guitars in the United Kingdom possessing over four decades of experience. 

London Vintage Guitars are actually very prolific when it comes to world best-priced instruments, market understanding, product information, and long time experience.

London Vintage Guitars has explored the globe to discover some of the best guitars ever played. They offer affordable prices for their guitars, and also consignment and brokered sales.


Are you a guitar lover? Do you wish for the best guitars? Walk into any of the listed shops above to get your dream vintage guitar.

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