Best Jazz Guitar Amps Of 2020 : Reviews & Comparisons

The best Jazz Guitar Amps are in great demand particularly amongst contemporary guitarists who have an interest in playing jazz and other related music.

These amps are used to increase the strength of an input signal. They make an applied input signal more powerful. Typically, amplifiers are used in a wireless communication system that mostly involves analog sounds.

Amplifiers are needed by guitarists during recordings sessions and live performances. That’s because they perform a very important role in modifying human voices and sounds of an instrument.

With a good amplifier, be sure of a better and improved music, anytime any day.

Review of The Best Jazz Guitar Amps

1. Roland JC120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier

Roland JC120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier


A Roland JC120 is a classic amplifier that meets the needs of a contemporary jazz guitarist. When using a full sound system, the Roland JC120 produces a classic chorus effect using two amplifiers.

The sound from this unit is always so powerful, yet smooth and rich. You can modify this instrument and make it more efficient by adding a Spring Reverb to it and Two channels with distinct EQ. It also features a High/Low Z input and a volume button.

All these features make your pack a professional amplifier that would produce an excellent classical sound each time you play.

Other features include a Vibrato with rate and depth control, a stereo effect loop and a two 60W speakers,

The first of this model JC-120 was manufactured in 1975 and it was then regarded as a peculiar innovation.

It had a fresh new sound very different from every other amp that was in existence then. Even after three decades, Roland JC120 has remained the favorite model of many guitarists across the world.

After all these years, it still retained its original quality and design. As a result, it has been recognized by amp experts all over the world.

Ranging from the D- Bass series, to the AC and to the CUBE, JC120 has attained legendary status, one of the best in Roland’s full line of bass amplifiers and guitars.

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2. Fender ’68 Custom Twin Reverb Guitar Amplifier

Fender ’68 Custom Twin Reverb Guitar Amplifier


This Custom Twin Reverb is a guitar Amplifier manufactured by Fender with quantity and high-class Fender sounds.

The popular ‘Silverface’ Console is a symbolization of the period when the Fender Amps were regarded as legendary, those periods when fender amps were the life of the party.

The Reverb is equipped with two 12″ Celestion speakers – with tremolo and reverb on the custom channel and vintage channel.

This amp is one of the top- quality Fender Twin, a massive powerhouse that gets the room shaking whenever it is plugged in.

In the ’60s, a remarkable period for the amplifier wing of the Fenders. All of the Fender Amplifiers were renovated completely.

In the case of this amplifier, it got a turquoise/silver console with a gauze cloth trim made of aluminum. All these modifications together with a punchy, sunken, distinct tone make it a great amp with an iconic sound.

It is also equipped with various controls including Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle, and Bright Switch for the custom channel and a Reverb, Treble Bright Switch, Middle Volume, Speed, and Intensity for the Vintage channel. It has a power capacity of 85 Watts with a 4 ohms current.

It weighs 29Kg, with a depth of 21.9cm, a width of 66.4cm, and a height of 50.46cm.

The amp features a reduced feedback mechanism for increased sensitivity to touch. Its tube socket is hand-Wired with a Schumacher transformer and an authentic Fender tremolo that is tube-driven.

A new Roland JC120 jazz chorus Guitar Amplifier is backed with a whole 5 – year warranty in the USA and Canada. This might vary or be the same as other territories.

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3. AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier

AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier


Lots of acoustic amplifiers are widely available today both in the real and the virtual market but very few of them can be compared to the thick, original sound of the compact AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier.

This novel stereo amp makes use of an elaborate digital signal processing to produce a delicate tone with a luscious stereo.

The AC-60’s stand-mountable configuration and beautiful Lime designs further make it far ahead of other similar products.

Modern AC-60 is built with an attractive rosewood-like cabinet.

A nice alternative to the regular black finish. This stylish exterior boosts the decor of your studio or your living room and improves the aesthetics of your acoustic guitars.

It produces a smooth, original, and perfect projection, with a 2-channel design.

The stereo’s power rating is 30- watts, a really powerful one with a double speaker of 6.5- inches. It is loud enough to get everyone turned on at a party or club.

It is capable of operating on the highest volume without feedback because of the built-in Auto Anti-feedback that controls the feedback process.

It so has a timely mute switch that allows the player to tune in silently on stage if he so desires.

The AC-60 is portably built for easy manipulation and convenience but this does not affect its efficiency in any way as it projects far and wide.

This stereo produces excellent band chorus which includes a new “wide” mode and a gleaming reverb designed especially for acoustic guitars.

It is ideal for coffee houses, restaurants, and small clubs because it has a double channel with Phantom It allows you to make choices, between magnetic pickup inputs and piezo.

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4. Fender Champion 40 Combo Amplifier

Fender Champion 40 Combo Amplifier


This amplifier is suitable for every type of guitar and every style of music. It is rated 40 watts with a single 12 Special Design speaker.

An excellent amp voice and effects that enable you to easily tune to the desired sound, from country music to jazz, metal to blues, and lots more. The control unit is made up of the Volume, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select, Gain, Voice, and TAP.

With the weight of just 3.8kg, a length of 58.42, a width of 33.02cm, and a height of 55.88cm, it can easily be carried about from one place to another.

It is a very affordable product with excellent sound and provides numerous options. To get rolling with a great sound, all you need to do is dial the gain tone. It is ideal for amateurs and even for pros during practice sessions.

 It is also suitable for recording in the studio and for small live performances because it has a loud and soft volume.

It is very easy to set up and to operate making it convenient for newbies who know little or nothing about amplifiers and guitars. 

Controls are never too strong and can be maneuvered easily. It is very versatile and can be used on almost anything and with almost everything. You can always play or record using your own FX pedals.

It does not come with a footswitch so you would need to buy one separately if you need it. Although it is a bit powerful, it is not loud enough to be used for large gatherings and loud clubs.

On purchase, the voice control might seem hazy and husky but this can be fixed using an electronics cleaner or Changing the control pot.

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5. VOX AC30 Amplifier

VOX AC30 Amplifier


For those of you who seek more power for a louder output, the VOX AC30 expands the fascinating sound of its earlier version.

It employs a quarter of EL84 power tubes. This amplifier custom supplies 30 watts of extraordinary tune via a pair of Alnico Blue Speakers or a 12″ Celestion Greenback. It is capable of producing alluring, neat, and overdriven sounds.

The VOX AC30 is probably the most popular version amongst VOX’s products. It earned a very remarkable spot in the world of amplifiers by powering the British Invasion. 

Ever since it gained this place, it has remained the no1 choice of many remarkable musicians who have resorted to using it to amplify their voices.

There is really no substitute for the AC30 as it is second to none in tone power and performance.

They contain EL84 tubes, these tubes have an original powerful, compacted and distinct sound observed in Beatles and Rolling Stone records.

After this amp was made popular by The Beatles and Rolling Stones, other bands like the Mars Volta, Brain May, Knopfler, Blink-182 and Radiohead took a liking to it as well. They are very easy to operate and very ideal for an indoor or small outdoor gathering.

Its built-in controls consist of the Reverb Level, Speed, Top Boost Volume, Master Volume, Normal Volume, Tremolo Depth, Master Tone Cut, Reverb Tone, and Top Boost Treble.

It has a weight of 32.0kg, a width of 702mm, a depth of 265mm, and a height of 556mm.

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Whether you are playing to earn or playing to merely relax or entertain, being a guitarist comes with many responsibilities.

One of these responsibilities is to ensure that your listeners are not disappointed, that is why every guitarist needs to keep up with the game. 

To keep up with the game, using a guitar Amplifier shouldn’t be up for debate because as a jazz guitarist, The best Jazz guitar Amps plays an important role in modifying voices and making your music better.