Best Home Recording Package Of 2020 : Reviews & Guides

Whether you are starting out or just looking for the best home recording package to make a replacement, this buying guide is for you.

To make the purchase decision easier for you, the following home studio recording packages were selected from the leading brands in the market.

While doing the research for this post, we also took into account the experiences of many satisfied users.

Besides price and affordability considerations, this home recording equipment buying guide will be clarifying other important points.

For example, if you have a question about what makes one home recording headphone different from the others, the answers provided in this post could be helpful to a noticeable extent.

In the end, a detailed clarification in this regard will help you think through an informative comparison of the best options.

If you spare the time, this will then help you choose the package that is best suited for your current needs.

Best Home Recording Package Comparison

How much does it cost to build a home recording studio?

While it is hard to find a straightforward single answer to this question, finding out the price of the home recording packages reviewed in this post is a good place to start.

Whether you need single equipment or a complete package, starting here will lead you to an informed decision.

Now let’s look into the available options that are likely to be within your current budget. But remember, it is not only the price of home studio recording packages that matter.

1. M Audio Air 192 4 Complete Recording Package

M Audio Air 192 4 Complete Recording Package

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If you are looking for a complete home studio recording package, this M-Audio 192 4 has stood the test of time, while serving thousands of other satisfied users.

Assuming you end up buying this one, expect to have everything needed to set up a home recording studio in no time.

First, it comes with a high-grade audio interface built with strong metal chassis.

From here you can connect your PC or Mac for seamless recording experience. While sitting on top of your desk, you can also plug your microphone and any instrument of choice.

Also coming in the package is a sizable nova black condenser microphone and a shock As part of the same package, the M-Audio 192 4is sold with a HDH40 headphone.

Coming with this home recording headphone is an over the ear design that protects sound quality when you are recording your stuff.

Another interesting feature of this device is a soothing plush padding. This ensures that you can use the headphone to do long hour recording without worrying about fatigue.

Expectedly, this package has an XLR cable that will let you connect your recording devices through compatible ports.

Some of the major home recording software found in the package include Ableton Live Lite, Eleven Lite, Avid FX Collection, Creative FX Collection, Mini Grand and Vacuum.

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2. PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio


PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio

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Here is another complete home recording kit that has been proven to work well for the job. Regardless of your source inputs, the audio interface that comes with PreSonus AudioBox iTwo studio, you are sure of getting high-quality audio performance.

Based on the experiences and reviews of recent users, this package delivers satisfactory performance in contexts like live vocals, multitrack song products and podcasting.

Through the two front-panel combination inputs, you’ll be able to capture both instrument recordings and vocal inputs with great ease.

Also coming with PreSonus AudioBox iTwo is an HD7 headphone. This will allow you to monitor, mix and track sound as you like.

Unlike dynamic microphones that often lose harmonics during recording sessions, the large-diaphragm M7 condenser microphone makes it easy to capture every detail of vocal performance without distortion.

Based on this factor alone, a lot of people that are specifically interested in a vocal home recording had found great satisfaction in this package.

In terms of recording software, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo was to work mainly with Studio One Artist. To get started using it, you don’t need an electrical outlet. Just connect to your Mac or PC and you are good to go.

Contained in the box are the main audio interface, M7 condenser microphone, H7 headphone, XLR and USB cables.

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3. Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio


Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio

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Focusrite is one of the top-rated music equipment brands in the UK and the US. Interestingly, they have some of the best home recording studio packages in the market.

According to many other experienced users, one of the most interesting features is the high headroom instrument input. This allows users to do quality recording without distortion or clipping.

This particular package comes with mic preamp and switchable air mode. With these, you can be sure of getting a bright and open sound recording.

Closely related to this is a large-diaphragm scarlett studio microphone. With this, almost all your sound recordings will be in sync with the original source.

For people intending to buy a moderately priced home recording kit that is within your current budget, this Focusrite Scarlett Solo is worth checking out.

However, you take note of the fact that there is a slight price difference between Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2.

Both for live recording and playback, the audio interface is capable of delivering superb performance at all times.

In case you are wondering about the mic stand, the system is built with a removable mic screw adapter. When this is removed, you can clip on any standard microphone stand.

Depending on the model you buy, the package will come with either Ableton Live Lite or Focusrite Creative Pack.

Don’t forget you have to register the software before you start making use of it. If you want to extend the sound output, you can plug in speakers through the line outputs on the device.

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4. Focusrite iTrack Studio Complete Recording Package


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Coming from the stable of Focusrite is this one called iTrack Studio complete recording package.

Perhaps, one of the things that seem to be a drawback for many is the slightly higher price. However, if the price of the best home recording studio package is not a big deal for you, you should check this one out.

Carefully housed within the metal case audio interface is a robust preamp technology. This is one of the key features that will help you to get quality recording output in varying contexts.

On the other hand, if you are a mobile musician, Focusrite iTrack Studio works perfectly for that as well.

In terms of tablet compatibility, the package has been proven to work well with mainly iPad. Moreover, you can connect your Mac or PC for seamless home studio recording.

As a complete home recording kit, there is an HP60S studio headphone that comes with it.

Among other things, the headphone has an ergonomic over the ear padding. This design makes it easy to use for long hour recording sessions.

Another useful piece is the XLR mic cable.

Depending on your personal preferences, the mic stand adapter might be useful at some points.

Some of the compatible recording software you can use with it includes Tape by Focusrite, Garageband and Cubasis. These are the ones that have been tested to work nicely with Focusrite iTrack Studio.

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5. Behringer U-PHORIA UM2


Behringer U-PHORIA UM2

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Looking at the number of positive ratings and reviews of this product, it becomes obvious that many people followed the recommendation of satisfied users among their friends and family.

On the other hand, some people intending to make a replacement with the best audio interface for home recording have found great satisfaction in this one too.

And that is not surprising at all. Behringer seems to be among the top-rated music equipment brands that have been in the market for a while.

Interestingly, they are known for making high-quality home recording equipment like the Behringer U-Phoria UM2.

Depending on where you want to buy, you may or may not find this one as a complete package. The main audio interface is designed with a mic preamplifier and +48V phantom power.

I don’t know your preference, but this tool has been proven to be compatible with some recording software like Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Cubase.

Though you can connect XLR and USB cables with ease, these things don’t come with the main Behringer U-Phoria UM2 audio interface.

Keep this in mind, especially if you want to buy a complete home recording studio package.

In case you have a new recorder in the scene, please bear in mind that this is not compatible with Bluetooth headphones.

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Assuming you are one of the people that care a lot about brand reputation, it is worth reiterating that these products were selected from the top-rated music equipment brands in the market.

And if you have a specific brand in mind, there is a great chance you’ll find that brand represented here.

From the audio interface to the microphone and home recording headphones, these products have great features to help you experience seamless recording whenever you want.

While it is hard to pick one and call it the overall best home recording studio package, picking any of these packages might lead you to experience the same level of satisfaction found by other users.

Don’t forget to check the warranty as well as return and replacement policy before placing your order.