Best Electric Guitar Teachers On Youtube : Our Top 3 Pick

YouTube has become one of the most important online platforms to receive educational lectures, lessons, or tutorials on important subjects and fields. 

In the world of music, so many have taken advantage of this platform and they post tutorials and lessons for beginners and professionals to learn and improve on.

Guitars and guitarists are not left out. With so many subscribers and views, many individuals attest to the fact that they have garnered exceptional knowledge on the use of guitars, being creative and producing their songs by watching YouTube videos and tutorials on guitars.

Some of these individuals who are well-known for giving detailed tutorials on guitar lessons and production will be discussed in this article.

They have over a million subscribers and over 20 million views with websites to help beginners to advanced levels.

Best Electric Guitar Teachers On Youtube

Andy Guitar

Subscribers: 1.46 Million

Andrew Taylor popularly known as Andy Guitar is a famous Guitarist who started offering private guitar lessons in 2009. He has close to 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has hit over 24 million views. Andrew is on the list of successful guitarists and famous individuals. 

Andy is British, from Yorkshire. He has garnered many skills and experiences handling the guitar and has been sharing this knowledge with the world via YouTube and his website. 

On YouTube, he has a tutorial, “Play TEN guitar songs with two EASY chords”, which remains his most popular and most watched guitar tutorial, with over 24 million views on YouTube. 

One quality that draws subscribers and viewers to his videos, is how he patiently teaches. Many tutorials on YouTube promise to be thoroughly educative especially for beginners but turn out to be the opposite. 

Andy’s tutorials are unique because he has a relaxed and easy-going manner of teaching. When he makes a tutorial for beginners, he focuses on helping beginners to learn and improve in their playing styles. 

The quality of his videos is very high which makes it clear for viewers to watch and maintain interest. He sticks to educating viewers based on the level they are in guitar playing. 

Andy Guitar has a website offering over 1000 tutorials of both free and paid exclusive guitar lessons from beginner to pro. They are well arranged, making it easy to find your preferred guitar lessons. The paid courses are locked, so you have to pay a fee in order to access the locked courses.

When you sign up for Andy Guitar’s website, you can access all contents on any device. You will also gain full access to the Andy Guitar App which can be downloaded to any smart device. Also, there are free courses which can be unlocked and saved to your “library”.

With an Andy Guitar App, you can also monitor how much progress you have made using the section mapped out for it, that is, the dashboard. You will also gain access to exclusive lessons and ebooks that come with over 1000 song tutorials all for free.

Andy Guitar has the interest of guitarists and music lovers at heart, he has made it possible to merge Andy Guitar’s website with the app on androids and IOS!

Paul Davids

Subscribers: 1.81 Million

Paul Davids is a renowned guitarist who runs a very popular YouTube channel. He focuses on guitars and guitar lessons on his channel called, ‘Paul Davids’. He has over 1.7 million subscribers and has over 22 million views worldwide.

He started sharing videos and tutorials on YouTube, since 2015 although he has been playing since he was 13 years of age. He studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory and bagged a bachelor’s degree in music.

He loves to inspire other guitar players and lovers to join in playing, creating, and improving their guitar-playing skills.

Paul Davids creates, writes, and produces his own music. You can find his originals on his YouTube channel too. He posts guitar lesson videos, theories on music, etc. 

Signing up to his website will grant you access to free and paid courses on guitars. He has made courses for every guitar player, covering all levels.

There is a Beginner Course titled “Learn, Practice, Play”; an intermediate guitar course titled, “Next Level Playing”, and other professional courses.

The “Learn, Practice, Play” for beginners teaches how to play the guitar over 7 core modules with about 55 detailed video lessons with downloadable forms.

The “Next Level Playing” is like a roadmap having over 35 video tutorials with downloadable forms too.

Marty Music

Subscribers: 2.21 Million

Marty Schwartz also known as Marty Music is a renowned guitarist and YouTuber. He teaches guitar lessons online and offline.

He was born in Newport Beach, California, and resides in San Diego, California. He bagged a degree at The College of Santa Fe.

He began uploading lessons on YouTube in 2009 and currently runs two channels, GuitarJamz and Marty Music. 

His lessons are very simple and easy to understand because he is patient and takes his time to teach and explain details for his viewers to understand. Beginners benefit a lot from watching his videos.

He also has a website where premium contents are featured. The content on his YouTube channels is free, but you will have to sign up and pay a fee to gain access to the content on his website.

His website is and there are over 1500 lessons (videos), personal lesson tracking to monitor your progress, jam tracks, and instructions to guide users. 

Marty’s guitar lessons feature different genres: blues, rock, and acoustic. He also adds songs that are trending. His tutorials also cover acoustic and the electric guitar plays. He makes videos ranging from beginner to pro.

Marty was once a music teacher in Carlsbad and a private guitar instructor, at another time. He loves to watch movies and comedy shows in his spare time.

The inspiration to upload guitar tutorials came as a result of one of his students who needed more practice and until date, he teaches people online and millions of people are keen on seeing these educational tutorials. 

Choosing A Teacher

There are so many instructors on YouTube giving lessons on how to play the guitar, how to get creative while playing, and even producing your songs. The three featured in this article are renowned guitarists and guitar instructors. 

So if you’re looking to get an education or information about guitars and guitar lessons then you should look out for these three listed above.

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