Best Classical Guitar Under £500 In 2020 : Reviews & Comparisons

Finding yourself the best classical guitar under £500 can be like going on an alluring and very enchanting journey, especially if it’s the first guitar you’re buying. 

It takes a lot of time to pick the right classical guitar. It must feel right when held, sound right and its performance must be perfect.

This can be fascinating for a novice or players who are well experienced; having to make choices that need you to entrust yourself to one product for a long time can be very bullying. 

If you have found yourself in a situation where you have to choose from all the different options but still don’t seem to figure it out, we created a guide that can give a solution to your issues!

Best Classical Guitar Reviews 2020

1. Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar


This C40II model toes the path of Yamaha’s all C and CS series classical guitars, by being a superb guitar for its cost. 

Like a few of the other models we have listed, this guitar can serve as an impeccable choice for starters, for guitar players who are familiar with steel-string acoustic or electric guitar but want to check out the classical nylon strings for a switch then this is also a right choice for them. 

This guitar does not have a sturdy top, but it isn’t your regular laminate type either. Instead, it is a mix of both, a kind of Formica with a hefty horizon of spruce on top.

The sides and back are made of Meranti wood and the bridge and the fretboard are fashioned from rosewood.

 It is a complete size classical guitar that has 19 frets and which also has inlaid dots over the fretboard (not found in all classical guitars but it helps starters).

Its lofty relief, expanded fretboard with strings spaced out, superb tuners, and all are what the instruments have to offer excellently in terms of playability. 

The sound is very good with nice sustain and what’s more impressive is the crystal clear and very bright tone of the guitar. It is an exquisite model considering its price and that it delivers more than its weight in punches.

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2. Fender CN-60S

Fender CN-60S


Fashioned with the student’s in mind, Fender CN-60S is the Fender entry on this list. You’re actually going to have to be attentive to those which possess a solid top in this price range as they will give you the perfect music for your money. 

Conventionally, classical guitars feature cedar tops, but we could never have a better one for a price under $200, and the sturdy spruce on the CN-60S does an excellent job of producing precise, resonant tones with a proper amount of sustain, especially as it has a  walnut fingerboard. 

Talking about playability, the CN-60S properly solves a good number of difficulties that starters encounter with other classics, thinning down the neck just satisfactory to make the chord work in comfy, without taking out the space needed to permit for the full liberty of fingerpicking. 

With a step-up in Fender’s bracing style, this could be an esteemed classic, but their common scalloped X design is not enough to offer you what you will want for renditions.

Though it is not very strong in the mid and treble ranges, its bass response is delightfully punchy and offers you all you need to commence on your journey to accustoming the classical guitar. 

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3. Alvarez ABT60 Artist Series Baritone Acoustic Guitar

Alvarez ABT60 Artist Series Baritone Acoustic Guitar


The Alvarez ABT60 has a strong A+ grade Stika spruce top which comes with mahogany back, gloss finish, 12th fret inlay, ivory ABS binding, sides with semi-gloss, rosewood fretboard, bi-level rosewood bridge, D’Addario EXP strings, real bone nut and saddle, and premium die-cast tuners.

All that is nice and excellent but how does the guitar exactly sum up?

This is a moderate special guitar in the view that it is a baritone guitar, which isn’t precisely common. In consideration of pitch and tone, a baritone guitar can be found in between a dreadnought and an acoustic bass, if you have plans on purchasing one you should keep that in mind.

Generally, we could see this as a nice inclusion to your collection and not your main instrument because you actually would not use it for all things. 

Moreover, fingerstyle blues and jazz players are the favorites of this guitar. Because of its big body and lower tuning, its sound is dark and warm, but we discovered it has nice transparency and attack. The Alvarez remains a fascinating guitar in this price range to us. 

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4.Ortega Guitars R221SNBK

Ortega Guitars R221SNBK


This thin-neck style guitar is the perfect choice when you want to play classical guitar but your hands are not large enough. It comes with a distinctive, all-black aesthetic, differentiating it from most classical guitars. 

Albeit it is an all-laminate model, it possesses a classic tonewood configuration of spruce and mahogany for a leveled tone with a strong mid-range. If you want to enhance the tone the plastic nut and saddle can be substituted. 

Thinner necks make it less hard to play than standard classical guitars. All-black aesthetic makes it better for people who want to be prominent.

Designing with combined spruce and mahogany proffers leveled tone. A full-size, all-laminate body makes it a better option for students. 

While the thin neck makes it less hard to play than most classical guitars, this instrument could cost much given the quality of its build. 

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5. Ibanez GA6CE Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

Ibanez GA6CE Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar


The GA6CE Acoustic-Electric from the Ibanez brand has made our list though the Ibanez may not be your famous acoustic guitar brand.

First, this guitar is firm and is designed for the starter and moderate player. 

It has a spruce top and a body and sides that are fashioned from mahogany. This tonewood combination is crystal in its tonal discharge.

The neck is designed with mahogany while the fretboard is crafted using rosewood. Every one of the 19 frets on the fretboard is simple to access due to the single-cutaway in the body. 

It comes with an EQ system and an inner Piezo pickup system that permits you to tune your expanded tone the way you want it.

The extra electronics it comes with can help you make variables of the tone, putting increased adaptability to your play. This guitar gives you plenty of value in a tiny package at a cheaper price. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Classical Guitar

There are a couple of things that you should give absolute consideration to before purchasing the best classical guitar or nylon string guitar.

An essential question you should ask yourself before you make a purchase is the reason for the purchase. 

Is it for rehearsing as an arbitrary starter? Is it for children? Or you’re a guitarist who has much experience and wants to try out a new thing?

Answering any of these questions will assist you to learn about what type of guitar to purchase and what type of classical guitar you should be wary of.

You should explicitly reckon in advance the amount you plan to spend on a guitar. The reason you’re buying the guitar is also a factor here.

If you are a total starter and you are not certain if this is what you would want to do for the long term then you need to use a cheap instrument that is not hard to understand and does not have many extra properties.

If you actually think this as a thing that you will carry on with and do for the long-term then purchase the guitar that has the most number of properties and has a higher cost. This way, you won’t bemoan your acquisition in the long term. 

This blueprint also assists you in staying inspired to rehearse more as you have invested a lot of money into it. So it’s best you put it into good use.

Before you go to the store to purchase a classical guitar, get enough knowledge about the product that you want, what are the best properties, and those that suit your demands and budget.

 If you are familiar with the guitar basics, it will be less hard for you to purchase a one with a better quality otherwise there should be the chances of picking a low-quality one.

Most people find it difficult to choose between purchasing a used guitar or a new one.

This is also a decision you need to make in advance after putting all things into consideration. Both choices have their own negative and positive consequences. 

The good effect of purchasing a used guitar is that it is cheap and in most cases, its sound is actually better than a brand new model.

This is as a result of the wood needed to be “broken in” or ripen before it can really produce good sound.

A new guitar seems a better option as it offers you comfort and the euphoric feeling of purchasing something new.

A new guitar cones with a returns policy and also it is more durable than a used guitar if you buy a good one.

Final Thoughts

The main factors to look out for when you’re searching for the best classical guitar under £500 are your level of skill, what sound you desire, and your budget.

You may want to make a search around for your nylon strings as they can make or break even the most astonishing of nylon string guitars improving their natural acoustics or failing them miserably.