Best Bass Guitars Under £500 In 2020 : Reviews & Comparisons

It is not easy to shop for an instrument, especially when you’re working with a budget. Of course, you want the best that is within your reach. 

In this kind of scenario, it is quite difficult to make choices. Of course, you want to choose from the best bass guitars under £500 but you may make a lot of mistakes if you do not have a guide. 

This post seeks to help you sieve through the many good guitars in the market and choose the one that has more to offer.  Read through for some of our best picks.

Best bass guitars under £500 Reviews

1. Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV


This is a classic rock bass designed by Gibson and having the budget of an Epiphone.

The Thunderbird is a classic guitar and has been seen with John Entwistle, Nikki Sixx, and Gene Simmons. Even though it is quite expensive to buy Gibson’s products the Epiphone has stepped in to save the day. 

The Thunderbird IV is bringing quality at a fair price especially as it has a bolt-on neck and a through neck device. So this makes it a great choice to want to spend your money on.

The EQ is also active and this means you can use this bass guitar in a versatile way using it both for modern and vintage tones. The Pro IV has good quality and is reliable and stylish.

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2. Sire Version 2 Marcus Miller M2 5 String Bass in Transparent Blue


Sire Version 2 Marcus Miller M2 5 String Bass

This Sire M2 was created to cater to the needs of the majority of the contemporary bassists. Despite being easier on the pocket than the M7 it is still able to provide great tones. 

The Sire M2 version 2 basically just like the original model. But this version has extra rolled fingerboard edges that give comfort while playing it and make it feel like an expensive bass.

The M2 is carved out of mahogany and that implies the low-end time is boisterous and deep. The mid-range is also vibrant and you can use it to set the foundation for the punchy sounding pickups. 

The body is attached to a Canadian hard maple bolt-on neck that gives it an important snap. You can use this guitar to play any mix because it cuts into many notes at the top end. Version 2 of the sire M2 is fitted with two humbuckers that create a grunty thick tone. 

People who want to make heavier styles that need an extra bass sound will find the humbuckers a great pleasure. It also comes with the Marcus Heritage-3 preamp. For its price, the M2 is very flexible and has a 3band EQ that is responsible for its volume/tone dual pot.

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3. RockJam RJBG01-SK-SB Full Size Bass Guitar Super Kit

RockJam RJBG01-SK-SB Full Size Bass Guitar Super Kit


In appearance, RockJam looks like a Fender Stratocaster and that makes it easy to recognize. To top it all, it has a glossy finish that makes it even more beautiful.

This means that this model may not be exactly the best choice for a professional musician. It may not really be impressive.

But then it is a great product for practicing. For new bass players, this product comes with a kit that provides everything they need to start a career. 

Apart from the bass guitar, there is a 20W amplifier, a shoulder strap, a carry bag, a guitar stand, an electronic guitar tuner, two picks, and a set of spare strings.

In addition to that, the 20W combo amp is fitted with a 3 band equalizer together with a headphone jack to keep your sounds to yourself.

The construction of the guitar stand is sturdy so that the guitar has protection from falls or physical damage.

When you get this guitar, you should tweak the strings a little before you play it because the string action is high. When you have finished tuning it then you can now start enjoying the rich music produced with this pocket-friendly bass. 

Frankly speaking, this versatile RockJam is a suitable companion for new musicians and can be said to be one of the best beginner bass guitars available.

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4. Ibanez GSR205BWNF

Ibanez GSR205BWNF


The Ibanez GSR205BWNF 5-string bass makes your tone powerful. It comes with great playability and cool looks. Oftentimes musicians want to buy really budget-friendly but playable musical instruments. 

This Ibanez GSR is one of the least expensive instruments in the Sound Gear series as it completely measures up to the expected level.

The mahogany body is compact and comes with a slim neck that improves your speed and playing comfort. In addition, your sound girth is boosted with the active Phat II.

 This Ibanez has a maple neck, an adjustable B10 bridge, 22 medium frets, and the cast tuners are sealed. Being a 5string guitar, the price is great for the player’s convenience.

With its simple neck shape players can handle it comfortably and play on it for several hours. The two power sound pick up and bass boost also increases its quality.

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5. Ibanez GIO Series GSR180-BS

Ibanez GIO Series GSR180-BS


This is another Ibanez product that is famous for its playability. The GSR Series 4 String Electric Bass Guitar is great for musicians who are just starting out or those who record from home.

It has a strong B10 bridge, a solid and exquisite poplar body, and because of the 19mm spacing of the bridge, it can be easily tuned.

With it’s the fast and slim neck, the maple guitar rests on the player’s hand easily and makes it simple to play any style or level.

The tuners are angled, the frets are medium and together with its chrome hardware, contribute to its cool, well-shaped look. 

With the kind of neck and bridge it has, the independent volume combines with a wide range of sounds to produce a distinct master tone. With this guitar, you are totally in charge of your performance.

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Things to consider before buying a bass guitar

Before you buy a guitar it is important to have an idea of what you’re going in for. The best place you can start your search for a good bass guitar is to start at the largest music store around you.

When you have decided which bass you want after seeing it you may go to a small store to check out the products. Or still, look online. 

When you go shopping for a guitar, endeavor to know your budget. You should also not make it a do or die affair as there are chances that you’re going without any bass.

Make sure to choose only a bass that sounds and feels comfortable for you. 

Before you try out a new bass, start with a once over. Look through to make sure the seams are tight and the finish is even. Check for the spacing on the keyboard, it should be even.

The position of the G string should be almost the same distance from the fingerboard’s edge just like the E string. The rest of the strings should have almost the same distance from themselves.

Check that the neck of the guitar is firm and secure on its body. There are three ways that the neck of a bass guitar can be fixed:

  1. Bolt-on: The body and the neck are attached together using large crews.
  2. Neck-through: The neck follows to the remaining parts of the body and the wings are just attached to it.
  3. Set in: Both the neck and the body are attached seamlessly.

For Bolt-on bass guitars, make sure that when you pull or push it sideways the neck cannot be shifted. Be careful not to break it. Both parts should be joined solidly.

After checking for the solidity of the bass. Find out if you are allowed to test the sound then plug it into a good bass amp that the store has so you can know if you agree with the true sound it produces.

Start playing the bass but tune it up first. Ensure that the fret on the bass strings do not come with high sports that will cause them to buzz.

Then try out some music and see how it sounds. If you’re just a beginner then just strike a few notes and observe the sound.

If you like it and it feels good then buy it. But you can also test other basses that are within your budget area. Take note of the models that you love and their prices.


One important gain from having a bass guitar is that it has a way of motivating you to continue playing although you may not be ready. It is enchanting and it’s a great addition to your music lessons. 

A bass guitar can keep you attracted until you start playing again. You’d like to try out a new sound, practice old ones, or just tune whatever is in your heart.

And you don’t have to wait until you have a lot of money to buy a bass guitar. We hope this list of best bass guitars under £500 helps you to spend less on good quality.