Bass Compressor Pedals Of 2020 : Reviews & Guide

For every guitarist or bassist who values playing as much as he should, owning bass compressor pedals is a must.

It is one thing to play and it is another thing to understand what is being played. Good music comes with a flow of emotion and as such, the emotional feel of music shouldn’t be compromised in any way.

This is where the Bass compressor pedals come into play. They help to preserve the tone of your music and hence convey the right emotions.

Whether you are playing blues, jazz, rock, or even pop, the importance of a bass compressor pedals can never be overemphasized.

A compressor is a device that reduces the Dynamics of music when it is too high or strengthens it when it is too low. Basically, it softens loud sounds and boosts soft sounds to provide endless sustain.

Bass Compressor Pedals Reviews

1. Jim Dunlop MXR Bass Compressor Pedal

Jim Dunlop MXR Bass Compressor Pedal

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This bass compressor ensures quality recording. It makes use of the Constant Headroom technology and a true bypass.

This helps to preserve the tone of your music, keeping it tight and clean. It is normally charged by a 9v battery. It consists of various controls including the Ratio, Input, output, release, and attack.

This array of control enables the player to produce a finer tone when desired. This compressor is totally transparent.

It consists of a gain-reduction status LED which acts as an indicator to notify the player when his signal gets to the maximum compression. It also gives notifications about any malfunction in the device.

The MXR Bass compressor weighs about 408g with a dimension of 6.6 by 13.97 by 11.18 cm. It provides recording-quality compression. It comes handy in a compact and long-lasting aluminum pack, just the size of phase 90.


  • It is suitable for eliminating unwanted noise
  • It is ideal for equalizing volumes and keeping them steady.


  • It is not very sensitive and wouldn’t be able to detect too hard or too soft tunes.
  • It can be very noisy and therefore not suitable for practice sections

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2. Behringer CS400 Compressor/Sustainer Effects Pedal


Behringer CS400 Compressor/Sustainer Effects Pedal

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If you are ever conscious of the tone of your music, the Behringer CS400 will modify your tone and produce an infinite Sustain.

This compressor reduces very high signals and increases very low signals to ensure that your music is kept in tone.

It features a LED that indicates whether the device is on or off. It also presents information about battery status.

The controls include; Attack, Sustain, Tone, and dedicated level. This device is powered by a 9v battery or a PSU-SB DC.

It is ideal for slap-style bass players. It equalizes the volume of string pulls, muted notes and thumb slaps to achieve an extraordinary percussive effect.

Using the Sustain dials and the dedicated Attack, this compressor allows you to key in the accurate amount of compression needed.

You can as well activate a monster volume boost or set up the output to subtle using the level control. It weighs 331g with a dimension of 7.01 by 5.41 by 12.39 cm.

It is versatile and ideal for every type of music.

Whether it is a snappy country or a rock solo, the CS400 is sure to provide you with just the perfect sound. It ensures that the sound of your music conveys the right emotions.


  • Great pedals with a great sound
  • It is very affordable.
  • It comes with a LED power indicator that serves as a reminder.


  • It comes in a plastic case and therefore won’t last as long as it normally should have.
  • The battery is a bit too complex to handle.

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3. Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compression Effects Pedal


Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compression Effects Pedal


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The Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compressor is the best inclusion to any set of instruments. It produces a standard ocular compression with a fine attack.

In addition, it maintains the originality of your signal transient without altering the quality of your sound. It is highly durable, thanks to a complete metal covering.

Just like every other nice compressor pedal, it is built with a true bypass. It is very tiny and intricate compared to other models and is therefore very suitable for road adventures.

This compression is powered by a 9v battery. It weighs about 160g with a dimension of 4.45 by 20.8 by 5.72 cm.

It has a treble edge, something that is absent in most modern compressors.

With a bit of modification in its setting, it produces a classical Hendrix-esque tone on a single coil. It maintains a balanced fuzz effect and is sensitive across all strings.


  • It is very quiet and one hardly notices drops in volume while using it.
  • It is very durable
  • It looks nice and fits nicely on a board


  • Sound can be extreme sometimes and this is not suitable for some sort of music.
  • Tunefulness and Harmonics isn’t as nice and as reliable as other product of similar function

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4. Boss BC-1X – Bass Compressor Pedal


Boss BC-1X - Bass Compressor Pedal

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The BC-1X Bass Compressor has been furnished with cutting-edge BOSS technology. Hence, it is highly effective and functions far better than many other standard bass compressors available in the market.

This compressor is controlled by an intelligent circuitry. This makes adjustments very easy and it can serve for every type of music.

With a BC-1X, music tones are never over-jammed or cloudy. This is because it responds in time to various registers and Dynamics.

It features cooperative processing that allows operators to dial in a complex multiband compressor. It consists of a gain reduction indicator.

This high-resolution indicator amidst other functions displays the amount of compression.


  • It is versatile
  • It is easy to operate
  • It is quite affordable


  • It does not preserve the original sound of an instrument
  • Bad pedals. Make it sound wires
  • It doesn’t come with an AC adapter

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5. KOKKO FCP2 Mini Compressor Pedal Portable Guitar Effect Pedal


KOKKO FCP2 Mini Compressor Pedal Portable Guitar Effect Pedal

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The KOKKO is yet another example of a pedal compressor. It is a mini compressor powered by an AC adapter.

This AC adapter supplies 9V DC voltage of electricity. Note that this device may not function effectively if you don’t use a power adapter with a positive pole outside and a negative pole inside.

They are built with rubber pads and these rubber pads act as an anti-friction agent. In addition to being able to remove friction between moving parts, it ensures steadiness.

It has a broader range that is adjustable and it is enclosed in an aluminum alloy shell. It features a LED indicator.

This tells you whether the device is operating properly or not. Like many other compressors, it is a true bypass with a circuit that is fully analog.

It weighs up to 177g with a dimension of 9.4 by 5.1 by 5.3 cm. When set right, this product is capable of enhancing the tone of your guitar or any other instrument you are working with. It has a very nice pedal with three knobs; level, sustain, and attack.


  • It is very affordable
  • It is quite with nice Sustain


  • It tends to produce lots of hisses especially if the level has been raised

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Bass Compressor Pedals- FAQs

Q: Do I need a bass compressor pedal?

A: The bass compressor is one of the most important devices a guitarist should have. Whether you are playing as a professional or as an addicted student, you always need a bass compressor. Fine-tuning your sounds to make even better music.

Q: Can you use a bass compressor for the guitar?

A: Of course, you can use a bass compressor for a guitar. Besides, bass compressors are not instrument-specific. The most important thing is that the compressor gets to perform its function which is ‘harmonization’.

Q: Is using a compressor cheating?

A: Making use of a compressor isn’t cheating in any way. The effects of a compressor have on a sound doesn’t necessarily make the sound better.

Q: What does it mean to slap bass?

A: Simply, to slap bass means to hit the string. It is a popular term used in funk music. Most times, it is just called “Slap”.

This method of playing entails slapping the strings with the right thumb and at the same time, buzzing with fingers of the right hand.

Q: What pedals do I need for bass?

A: There are lots of pedals widely available in the market. Some of them include; the Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth, MXR M82 Bass Envelop Filter, Earthquaker Devices Hoof, and DigiTech Whammy Ricochet. However, the choice of pedals might be determined by personal specifications or need.

Q: How important is a compressor pedal?

A: Basically, compressors are used to modify the sounds of a neat guitar.

Without a compressor, the first few notes will lack sustain and would decay quickly. A compressor addresses this problem by equalizing the Dynamics within the strings.


As a guitarist, one of your major responsibilities remains to provide maximum entertainment for your audience.

One way to do this is to ensure that you utilize the necessary devices that will improve your music. The bass compressor pedals are one of such devices. They act as harmonizers and generally improve music quality.