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Rothwell Audio Atomic Booster PedalThe Atomic Booster is a high quality guitar effects pedal, designed and hand made in the UK to give guitarists a transparent, clean booster pedal which can boost ..


Rothwell Audio F1 Booster PedalThe Rothwell F1 Booster pedal is a clean boost pedal with greater EQ flexibility than other boosters. Built to the usual Rothwell high standards - with ..


Rothwell Audio Heartbreaker Overdrive / Boost PedalThe high/low gain switch allows the Heartbreaker to produce a healthy signal boost with minimal distortion and maximum dynamics when set to th..


Rothwell Audio Hellbender Overdrive PedalThe Hellbender is a high quality guitar overdrive pedal, designed and hand made in the UK to give guitarists a touch responsive and dynamic distortion effec..


Rothwell Audio Love Squeeze Compressor PedalThe Love Squeeze is a compressor designed simply to sound right with guitars, without any bizarre pumping effects and without any noise. This has bee..


Rothwell Audio Switchblade Distortion PedalThe Switchblade is a heavy/modern rock distortion pedal featuring three stages of distortion with carefully designed filtering before, between and after e..


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Rothwell Audio Pedals - Buy Rothwell Audio Guitar Effects Pedals Online From Vision Guitars

Rothwell Audio make the best boutique guitar effects pedals available. More and more guitarists who care about their tone are discovering what great guitar effects pedals these are. All the effects pedals are hand-made in the UK to the highest possible standards. The circuit boards are produced in the UK and assembled by skilled UK workers, the cases are carefully polished and engraved in the UK, and the final assembly is done in the UK.




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