Carl Martin Pedals

Carl Martin 2-Wah PedalWhat the world needs now is wah, more wah! Classic detailing in a diecast housing, the Carl Martin 2 Wah provides six different voicings with two presets controlled via a hee..


Carl Martin 3-Band Parametric Pre Amp PedalThe Carl Martin 3-Band Parametric EQ/Pre-amp is designed specifically for use with such acoustic instruments as guitar, violin, and harmonica. These instr..


Carl Martin AC-Tone Overdrive PedalThe Carl Martin AC-Tone pedal offers 2 channels of overdrive, voiced alike for preset usage, and also gives you a clean channel with a boost of up to 20dB. The ov..


Carl Martin Boost Kick PedalDesigned to give you that extra boost needed for a good solo. The level control determines the amount of boost (up to 20dB). Punch, attack, and edge controls function as..


Carl Martin Chorus XII PedalFor those of you who want a bit more versatility from your pedals we have a dual chorus unit. This features two identical circuits with individual depth and speed contro..


Carl Martin Classic Chorus Pedal Housed in die cast metal bathed in retro purple, the Classic Chorus Pedal by Carl Martin offers level controls for Speed, Depth and effect Level. Hit the Vibrat..


Carl Martin Classic Flange PedalCarl Martin is doing a groovy thing out there man….  Introducing the Vintage Flanger; designed for those guitarists who desire this unique form of modulation.&n..


Carl Martin Classic Series TOD Overdrive PedalThe new Classic Series high gain overdrive TOD, was originally designed as the Limited Edition Dizzy Drive… a project which celebrated the reunion tour..


Carl Martin Compressor Limiter PedalThe Carl Martin Compressor Limiter Pedal was specially developed to incorporate the same features and sonic clarity found in high-quality professional studio com..


Carl Martin Contour `n Boost PedalThis versatile pedal is designed to boost and change the contour. The circuitry is designed with high- and low-pass filters with a fixed crossover frequency at 440..


Carl Martin DC Drive Overdrive PedalWhat Vintage series would be complete without an ultra-versatile and simple to use drive pedal? Funny, that's what Carl said just before he introduced the DC Dri..


Carl Martin Delayla Delay PedalThe Carl Martin Delayla incorporates some of the same features used in vintage tape delay units. To achieve this, Carl Martin incorporated a second delay tap (similar..


Carl Martin DeLayla XL Delay PedalThe Carl Martin DeLayla XL Delay Pedal was designed and developed to have the same sonic quality as the original DeLayla and adds a second delay head for the ultim..


Carl Martin Hot Drive `N Boost mk 3 PedalThe anniversary Hot Drive'n Boost mk 3 has a completely new overdrive design that delivers even more authentic tube simulating overdrive than the revered or..


Carl Martin Hot Drive `n Boost MK II PedalThe Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost MKII is similar to the Hot Drive'n Boost but voiced with an extended frequency range one octave lower than the regular HD..


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Carl Martin Pedals started with the Hot Drive 'N Boost in 1993 and has gone from strength to strength building a reputation for quality second to none. The number of 5 star reviews that Carl Martin Pedals have received from Guitar and Bass, Guitarist and Guitar Buyer is testament to their continued release of relevant and high quality Effects Pedals. The newest range is the Vintage Series which offer classic Carl Martin sounds in cut down but cost effective Pedals.




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