Boost Pedals

Blackstar LT Boost PedalThe Blackstar LT BOOST’s patent-applied-for gain circuit is designed to push your guitar amp into smooth overdrive and has been refined to ensure the maximum delivery of you..


Carl Martin Boost Kick PedalDesigned to give you that extra boost needed for a good solo. The level control determines the amount of boost (up to 20dB). Punch, attack, and edge controls function as..


Carl Martin Contour `n Boost PedalThis versatile pedal is designed to boost and change the contour. The circuitry is designed with high- and low-pass filters with a fixed crossover frequency at 440..


Carl Martin Hot Drive `N Boost mk 3 PedalThe anniversary Hot Drive'n Boost mk 3 has a completely new overdrive design that delivers even more authentic tube simulating overdrive than the revered or..


Carl Martin Hot Drive `n Boost MK II PedalThe Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost MKII is similar to the Hot Drive'n Boost but voiced with an extended frequency range one octave lower than the regular HD..


Carl Martin Hot Drive`n Boost PedalVoiced with an emphasis on the midrange, the Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost pedal will produce tones ranging from crunchy blues to classic rock with great sustain,..


Carl Martin Hydra Boost PedalSmall in size and simple in design, it gives you up to 15dB of low-noise boost. Imagine your solo with an extra few dBs on top to get it out where you want it in the mi..


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